Two proud parents aren't going to let security questions ruin their enjoyment of the Olympics.

Char and Nino Agosta are flying to Sochi on Monday to cheer on their daughter Meghan.

She's a star forward on the Canadian women's hockey team.

Questions have been raised about the safety of these games in Russia, after terrorists threats.

But Nino Agosta isn't letting that keep him from flying overseas.

"I guess you can't live your life that way.  If we did, most of us wouldn't be driving a car or flying a plane," he said. "So, the way we look at it, it's fate and whatever happens, so be it.  But, we're there to support our daughter and her team and the rest of the Canadians over there."

Meghan's mom, Char, agrees.

"We just want to be there and support Megan and the team, and the rest of the Canadian athletes," she said.  "If we have it at the back of our mind ... maybe it will change the whole atmosphere of everything.  I'm sure they have a lot of security because that's what we're hearing, so I think we'll be good."

The Canadian women's team plays it's first game tomorrow against Switzerland.