So-called Spring Garden Bush Man is back, police say

A 37-year-old Windsor man has been arrested and is suspected of living in a bush and stealing items in the Spring Garden Road area.
A 47-year-old Windsor man has been arrested and is suspected of living in a bush and stealing items in the Spring Garden Road area. (Jeff Harrington/CBC News)

The so-called Spring Garden Bush Man is back, say police.

People who live in the area Spring Garden Road in west Windsor, near the Herb Gray Parkway construction site, say there has been a recent rise in crime.

Residents say the incidents are very similar to what happened last summer, when a thief, who allegedly lives in the Spring Garden nature area, began breaking into homes and cars.

Brook Robinson lives on Spring Garden Road. He says food, shoes and razors have all snatched from his home.

He says he's travelled through the nature area and found areas where it appears people are living.

"Some of them are just little ones and other ones are really very elaborate," he said of camp sites. "They have lights, generators, laptops, everything you need to live."

Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Matthew D'Asti said a suspect was arrested Thursday in an unrelated robbery on Howard Avenue.

"It's the same subject, absolutely," D'Asti said. "This is the individual that was identified last year as residing or setting up camp in that area, in the bush."

Officers can't release his name but say he's a 37-year-old Windsor man.

Earl Robinson lives nearby on Sun Valley Drive. He had things stolen recently.

A back window was smashed, a laptop, electronics and cash are all missing from his home.

Robinson says it happened this week over a 30-minute span while he was out of the house.

"I see the side door opened, and I know I didn't leave it open, so I stop in and walked in the house and there it all was, it was a shock," he said. "They damaged both rooms in the back, tore stuff up, just destroyed things."

Crews were working on repairs Thursday.

Robinson is not sure how much he's lost or what he'll be able to get back.

"Now I know [what it's like] when people say they get violated, tell me their house is broken into," he said. "I always say, 'I'm really sorry to hear it.'

"But you don't know that feeling until someone is in your home stealing your personal belongings from you."


  • A previous version of this story said the suspect arrested is 47 years old. He is 37.
    Jul 11, 2014 10:20 AM ET