The recent snowfall means big business for some in Windsor.

People are shopping for winter clothes, winter sports gear and snow tires.

Roland Garant at Kipping Tire in Windsor is booking appointments for people to have their snow tires installed.

"People are finally getting to where they think, 'oh, we got to put our snow tires on,'" Garant said. "We've had a couple [Thursday] already where they've had their snow tires, but they just haven't put them on yet."

Windsor received 32.2 cm of snow on the first two days of January. The average amount for the entire month is 35 cm.

Sport Check general manager Karl Bierworth said there's been in an uptick in business.

"Weather always affects the sales. So when it does snow, it helps that way," Sport Check General Manager Karl

Bierworth said. "In the summer, when it gets really hot, same thing. So weather is always a factor."

Abby Waterfield was in the market for snowboard boots.

"There's a ton of snow. It's great snowboarding weather," she said. "With brand new snow on the ground, it's not icy, it's fluffy. It's a good ride."

Josie Armstrong and Matt Mitcherson are visiting the region from Australia. This week marks their first real taste of snow..

The two bought three sleds Thursdays.

"We're going to go sledding. So, we got this one and these ones here and we're ready to roll." Armstrong said displaying her red, plastic sled.

"You don't get to do this sort of stuff in Australia," Mitcherson said. "In Australia, you sit on a beach and drink beer, that's it."