Windsor city council on Monday put off a decision to end the Snow Angels program.

The program matches volunteers with seniors and people with disabilities who want help clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways.

A City of Windsor bylaw states that property owners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks. Some people don't have the ability to do so on their own.

The Snow Angels program has struggled with a lack of volunteers, but council said city staff will meet with organizations that have shown an interest in delivering the program.

"One of the positives to come out of it is [that] certain community groups have stepped forward and said, 'We're prepared to participate,' in terms of offering volunteers and in terms of even managing some of the volunteers that we offer," said Coun. Fulvio Valentinis.

He said the city has heard from the Windsor Residence for Young Men and the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative.

During its 15 years, requests for the service have always exceeded the number of volunteers available.