At least one Windsor city councillor is not ready to pull the plug on the Snow Angels program.

Snow Angels is a snow shoveling program that helps seniors remove sidewalk snow throughout the winter.

The city's administration recommends the program not be offered by the city this year because there's a scarcity of volunteers.

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis wants to keep the Snow Angels going.

"We need to exhaust all remedies, and even if we have to offer it on a limited basis," he said. "I'd rather see it continue to be offered and try and get those groups involved and volunteers involved than simply saying, 'well, we'll work on it for next year.'"

The Safety Village has indicated it's willing to work with the city to develop a plan to bring back the Snow Angels next year.

"I understand it's a challenge to offer it citywide. But even a limited response is better than no response," Valentinis said.

Windsor residents and businesses are responsible for clearing city-owned sidewalks abutting their property.

People who do not shovel the sidewalk face a $125 fine or, if the city clears the sidewalk, it will bill the property owner for the work.

City engineer Mario Sonego said the city has considered offering snow removal, but declined to proceed because it is too expensive. Sonego claimed it would cost $3 million to clean city’s 900-plus km of sidewalks.