Windsor's Snow Angels program will continue this winter.

Councillors on Monday night approved to spend $25,000 on the program.

The program sees volunteers shovel snow for those who cannot do it themselves.

City officials were recommending it be suspended because of a lack of volunteers.

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis would not accept that.

"Let's try and continue and see if we can beat the bushes and get some volunteers in here. So it's going to provide for an administrative person to be assigned to that job part time, to organize it," Valentinis said. "We'll be putting out some advertising, reaching out to some groups within the city to see if they can help us provide volunteers, and then paying for police clearances."

The $25,000 approved will pay for the part-time employee and ad campaign.

Council wants a report on progress of the program and on the search for volunteers.

The Snow Angels program provides snow removal assistance the elderly or people with disabilities.

"We're advertising ourselves as an age-friendly community. I think it sends out a negative message if this is the kind of program we're cancelling," Valentinis said. "We should be encouraging seniors to live on their property and maintain their property."

People who do not shovel the sidewalk face a $125 fine or, if the city clears the sidewalk, it will bill the property owner for the work.

City engineer Mario Sonego said the city has considered offering snow removal, but declined to proceed because it is too expensive. Sonego claimed it would cost $3 million to clean city’s 900-plus km of sidewalks.