Leamington town council has approved a partial smoking ban at outdoor recreation facilities.

Smoking is will be prohibited at the Sherk complex, soccer pitches and the Kinsmen ball diamonds.

The bylaw also prohibits smoking within 15 metres of play structures. Smoking is still allowed in the parking lots.

The vote was not unanimous.

Mayor John Paterson was one of two votes against the ban.

"It's a health care issue, and health care is not the municipal purview," the mayor said. "It is that of the province, and it should be the province setting these rules under the Smoke Free Ontario Act. That way it's fair and equal to everyone."

The smoking ban takes effect next year.

Paterson said enforcement will be difficult.

"We have two bylaw enforcement officers who currently have such a heavy workload that they have a hard time keeping up with it, so it won't be by our bylaw enforcement officers, and we won't be hiring any new ones," Paterson said. "The only other option would be to call the OPP, so I'll leave that up to the resident who wants to tattle on somebody who's smoking a cigarette where they're not supposed to."