A new smoking bylaw designed to filter smokers from parks and recreation areas is in the works in the Town of Lakeshore.

If the bylaw passes. people won't be able to smoke in parks, playgrounds and sports fields in Lakeshore.

Stacey Lanoue brings her two children to play at Lakeshore Park. She supports the new bylaw.

"That's something that's really frustrating; when people are smoking and we walk through the smoke," Lanoue said. "As non smokers, it is frustrating."

Lakeshore's youth council brought the proposed bylaw to town council.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit also surveyed 88 teenagers in Lakeshore and found that most of them want public areas to be smoke-free.

Zach Marchand is on the youth council and said this is the first idea by youth council to be considered for a bylaw.

"Nobody likes seeing the cigarette butts lying around. It just makes it look dirty," he said. "But a lot of the youth are trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle. And they're realizing the affects of smoking and how detrimental it is to health."

Teenagers like Conner Anastasakos is one of them.

"I'm [at the park] a lot so that would be really nice," he said. "It's not nice having smoke in the air, up in your lungs. It's just not good."

Some smokers are not in favour of the possible bylaw. They say Lakeshore should butt out.

"I think it's stupid," Rob Emery said. "I think they have enough things out here that we're getting tickets for. You don't need to give people tickets for smoking."

Scott Rail also disagrees with the proposed bylaw.

"Being out in the public, I think it should be free to smoke," he said. "Fresh air blows the smoke away."

Discussions on the new rules begin at council Tuesday night in Lakeshore.