A Windsor dermatologist is noticing an increase in the number of patients who have skin cancer.

Daniel Radin calls it "alarming," especially since he said the skin care community hasn't been able to determine the reason.

"We see a lot of skin cancer in the area," he said. "I see it at my practice on a daily basis. We're not sure if it's from early detection, that people are paying more attention to their skin ... or maybe it's due to changes in the ozone layer."

He does note that the use of tanning beds doesn't help the problem and that long term sun exposure without sun protection is much worse than short term exposure.

"(Melanoma) is the least common of skin cancers," Radin said about melanoma. "But, it's the most deadly."

Radin said everyone is prone to skin cancer, even people with dark skin.

He also said the longer people spend in the sun, the higher chances of getting skin cancer.

"A lot of my patients are snow birds," he said. "They spend the winter in Florida; they're just covered with skin cancers. I'm seeing so many of them."

Radin said the best way of preventing skin cancer is to use sun protection and tells patients to always keep an eye out for moles or spots that have changes in symmetry, border, colour, diameter.