The Windsor-Essex County Humane Society and Windsor Police are asking for help finding whoever it was that severely sexually abused a dog.

City of Windsor workers found a young, black Labrador mix dog lying in the yard behind a school in the 700 block of Louis Avenue on Monday.

When Humane Society officers arrived, they saw the dog on its back in the grass and unable to stand up.

Officers brought the dog to the shelter and a veterinarian examination found the dog had extremely serious and deliberate injuries clearly caused by humans. 

'The person who did this was cruel and will likely do it again and could do it to a person next time.' —Melanie Coulter, humane society

"It appears that something was tied to the base of the dog's penis, and really the whole area was gangrenous and extremely painful," said Melanie Coulter, executive director of the humane society.

"This is really disturbing," said Coulter, who added the dog seemed like a friendly animal but one that was in a lot of pain.

"This shouldn't have happened. Honestly, this is one of those situations that you think about and can't stop thinking about even though you want to," said Coulter.

Dog put down

Veterinarians said the dog was between one and three years old, was mostly black with white on his chest and was probably a Lab mixed with either a pointer or a hound.

Coulter said the shelter vet decided the most humane thing to do was euthanize the dog.

"He didn't deserve this, he didn't deserve to suffer like this. .... The person who did this was cruel and will likely do it again and could do it to a person next time."

Coulter said everyone involved is extremely disturbed by the sexual nature of the abuse and she is hoping someone will contact the humane society, Windsor Police or give an anonymous tip to CrimeStoppers at 519-258-8477.

 "We are really hoping that someone will know something," said Coulter. "We know that someone out there knows something."

Reminiscent of earlier cat death

In January, in an unrelated incident, a 17-year-old Windsor boy was arrested on charges he stabbed and beat a calico cat to death.

Police were called to a west end park after someone saw two young men kicking and stabbing a garbage bag before throwing it over a swimming pool fence around 4 a.m.

Inside the bag was a dead cat with four broken ribs and multiple stab wounds, all inflicted before it drowned in its own blood.

The boy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to time served and banned from owning or caring for an animal for 10 years.

During his sentencing the judge called the torture of the defenceless animal "despicable" and told the teenager he would have handed down a longer sentence if the law allowed it.

Police have not indicated the cases are related in any way.