The National Pensioners and Senior Citizens Federation is meeting this week in Windsor.

The group has about 1 million members across the country.

President Herb John feels the federal government has "snubbed" the group by failing to send a cabinet minister - in particular the minister of state for seniors - to be one of the guest speakers

"We feel the federal government has an obligation to provide information to seniors," John said. "This being the largest senior organization in Canada it's pretty insulting the minister did not come, did not send anyone in her place."

John claims the group sent two invitations to the minister.

Mark Wall, director of communications and parliamentary affairs for Wong said that, yes, the NPSCF did ask Minister Wong twice to attend their convention.

"We politely declined, twice," Wall said in an email to CBC News. "Minister Wong has attended in the past, but was unable to this year."

John said home care is a hot topic at the convention.

"Home care is something that governments are looking at and heading in that direction to reduce the health care costs in hospitals," he said. "We think that's a good direction to go in. We just want to lobby and make sure that the proper funding and the proper care and the proper requirements are in place."