The Windsor bicycling committee would like to see segregated bike lanes when improvements are made to Cabana Road.

It's a change Coun. Hilary Payne is also pushing for.

He says there two possibilities for Cabana Road:

  • A multi-use trail, similar to the Ganatchio Trail, off to the side.
  • Bike lanes, right on Cabana Road.

"We don't know yet which option is going to be selected, but if the bike lanes is selected, then I have a strong position that they should be segregated from the vehicular traffic," he said.

Payne says he favours "anything that provides a three-dimensional barrier."

The segregation can be done with bumper blocks, planters or shrubs.

"It's been done in a whole lot of different ways in various cities in North America and Europe," he said. "I'm in favour of anything, except painted lines on pavement, which provide no protection whatsoever."

The issue now goes to city council.