Students at Tecumseh Vista Academy will be able to soak in the sun during outdoor lessons at classrooms powered by solar panels. 

It's the final piece of a $100,000 Pathway to Progress project through Aviva Insurance.

"It was a great accomplishment," said Sean Moore, Founder of Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies Inc., the company that built and installed the solar panels.

The school's parent council pitched the project, and co-op students from the school helped piece the dream together with the company, said Moore. 

Solar Class0:30

"I know a big part of it was just getting the students connected to their environment," said Moore.

The school will have three new solar powered pillars that students and teachers will be able to charge devices like iPads and projectors.

'It's just incredible'

Students and staff will be able to use the classrooms to learn but there's some other benefits from the Pathway to Progress project they've already been able to use.

"They planted a bunch of tress from ERCA, the butterfly gardens... and the vegetable gardens where they're growing things and donating food to the Downtown Mission," said Heidi Hotz-Nourse, a member of the school's parents council.

Heidi Hotz-Nourse

Heidi Hotz-Nourse sits at the outdoor classroom, part of a project inspired by former principal Paul Bisson. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

"The kids love it," said Hotz-Nourse, adding that the park area where the improvements are placed was once a muddy field. 

She said none of it would have been possible without former principal Paul Bisson who died last year. 

"One of the first parent council meetings - he took people out to the field. It was all dirt," said Hotz-Nourse, tearing up.

"This is what your kids play in," she remembers Bisson saying. "We need to do something about this."

The school will have a grand opening after staff are trained on how to hold classes outside that incorporate the environment into their lesson planning.