Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse said in a media release Tuesday that the Canada Post Office in Olde Sandwich Towne has been sold.

According to the release, which included a document from Ontario's Land Registry Office, the building was sold to a numbered Ontario company for $151,000.

Masse demands to know who owns the building and what the plans are.

Built more than 100 years ago, Canada Post serviced the community out of the the building at 3201 Sandwich St. from 1907 until April of 2013.

“This building has a legacy of service to the residents in the area and is inextricably woven into the fabric of its history. After touring it last year I know that significant work will be necessary for it to be brought up to any standard of viability. With the sale of the property coming in significantly lower than the original listing, I hope this low purchase price means the new owners are prepared to invest to restore the building,” Masse said in a release. “It has been heart wrenching to watch that beautiful building located in the heart of Sandwich Towne decay and sit idle for over a year now. This building was an institution in Sandwich Towne for generations, I am hopeful that the owners will come forward with a plan that will restore the structure and reinvigorate the community.”

David Grimaldi, the executive director of Sandwich Towne Improvement Area, said he’s excited by the sale.

"Sandwich and Mill is really the heart of Sandwich Towne. That particular location, where the post office is, is a prime retail spot. If someone can come in and restore that property it would be huge for Sandwich Towne," Grimaldi said.

He said the sale shows confidence in the area.

"Sandwich Towne is open for business," Grimaldi said. "It is going to turn around and there is going to be investment in Olde Sandwich Towne."