The stench of rotting fish is driving people along Lake Erie indoors.

Patricia Pook in Chatham-Kent said the smell of all those dead fish on the beach is overpowering.

"I know that I can look both ways from where I am and I'm close to Morpeth and it's as far as the eye can see," said Pook. "I know it's also in Rondeau and I've understood that it's in Elgin County."

Pook estimates there are thousands of dead fish fouling the beaches.

"I had family here [on Labour Day] and I didn't allow them to take the dog or the children down to the beach," said Pook. "I knew it was bad, but the smell is just overwhelming. It would make you sick to your stomach."

The Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating the fish kill and has ruled out any sort of spill in the lake.