Firefighters have cordoned off a building on the corner of University Avenue West and Josephine Avenue after a portion of its roof collapsed Tuesday evening. 

The call came in from someone in a neighbouring apartment who saw the roof had caved in. 

"We set up our tower and when we looked down we saw that there was a major roof collapse and there's still water being held on top of the roof," said Bruno Bertucci, the district fire chief. 

Bertucci said the building was empty and no injuries have been reported. 

Roof collapse

The roof a building at the corner of University Avenue and Josephine Avenue caved in. Fire crews say the building had been empty for about five years. (Joana Draghici/CBC)

"The building is abandoned," he said. "It's been abandoned for approximately five years. The city tomorrow will stabilize the building and proceed from there." 

Bertucci said he noticed one of the walls at the back of the building was bowing, but doesn't know if that was caused by the collapse. He also mentioned the building's roof had partially fallen in three weeks ago, but the damage wasn't as bad. 

He said it didn't look like the collapse would affect other buildings. 

Firefighters made sure the area was safe for the residents living around the building, but Bertucci says the building department will need to check how stable the structure is before determining whether it's necessary to order a demolition. 

Collapse scary for next door neighbour

Ali Bukhari lives in the house next door, he got back from getting groceries when emergency crews arrived. 

"It's kind of scary," Bukhari said about the collapsing building being so close to his home. "I have a workout bench set up in the back, so I'm usually out there working out, so it's pretty scary. 

He said fire officials told him not to park in the space between his house and the building. 

Bukhari, who's been living beside the building for the past two years said even though its is abandoned he's seen people going in and out. 

Bertucci said crews got a good view from the windows inside of the building and made sure there was no one squatting inside.