The former Riverside Inn in downtown Windsor will offer "luxury student housing" for more than 200 students come September.

Domus Student Housing, Inc. and the Vrancor Group are behind the project.

"On Sept. 1, 205 students will move into new luxury student housing on the Windsor waterfront," the companies said in a joint statement. "Club Riverside, a premium student living development, has converted a historic inn to serve students at the University of Windsor and St. Clair College."

In addition to the suites, Club Riverside will have a number of planned shared amenities, including a theatre room, group study area, single study cubicles, an indoor pool and fitness area and conference rooms.

"The suites are move-in ready," Ho Tek, a partner at Domus Student Housing Inc., which is renting out the development, said in a statement. "Students will enjoy luxurious shared and private accommodations, with private bedrooms, each with a king-sized bed. Each suite has extra large working desks, and comes with high-speed Internet, perfect for studying, doing research, or staying in touch with family."

The building overlooks the Detroit River at 333 Riverside Dr. W. and is close to both the University of Windsor’s downtown campus as well as the St. Clair College downtown campus.

There are 205 rooms and the capacity is 280. Some rooms are double occupancy.

Rents with a kitchen and bathroom start at $745 per month, based on eight month leases, and include a free Transit Windsor bus pass. A room with a riverfront view is $795 per month.

Occupants of a double room pay $425 each and have a shared kitchen. front view.

Over the past two weeks they have signed up 20 tenants.

Students can stay in a dorm style room with someone else for $425 with shared kitchen amenities or in a two bedroom split for $450.

The companies have started forming partnerships in the down town core to try and stimulate business while giving their tenants what they call a "sense of exclusivity by trying to get them deals at downtown shops and restaurants."

So far, Loose Goose Restopub and Iguana Sushi have agreed to discounts in exchange for advertising rights within the building.

The companies say combined full-time enrollment at the two schools is 19,900 students. It says the two schools combine to offer 1,726 beds.

The companies say that's not enough beds and that there isn't close to enough student housing downtown, where the two schools are expanding.