A reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of whoever was responsible for causing about $140,000 in damages at the Heavenly Rest Cemetery in LaSalle.


Door handles were among the many items damaged at the Heavenly Rest Cemetery. ((CBC))

"We have offered in a partnership with Crime Stoppers a $5,000 reward. We're putting up five, Crime Stoppers is putting up an additional two, for a total of $7,000," said cemetery manager John St. Aubin.

Vandals caused damage in and around several mausoleums last Sunday.

They broke door handles, cracked light fixtures, shattered some skylights and defaced others with graffiti.

They also toppled several granite benches. Five statues were damaged. In one case, someone knocked the head off one of the statues.

Most of the benches have been repaired. However, St. Aubin said it may be impossible to clean up skylights that were coated with asphalt sealer, and they may have to be replaced.

He said as employees struggle to understand how someone could cause all this destruction, the situation has resulted in an interested role reversal.

"The community reponse and certainly our families have been extremely supportive," St. Aubin said. "It's somewhat of an unusual situation in that we are usually there supporting our grieving families, but in this case the families have come forth offering us support so we're very greatful for those offers."

The cemetery has surveillance cameras, but police are still hoping for the public's assistance in finding suspects.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 519-258-8477 or go to their website.