A Chatham mother is overjoyed after being reunited with her two young sons on Sunday, after two and a half years.

In 2015, Jolly Bimbachi's then husband took the boys to Lebanon for a family trip and never returned. Bimbachi's been fighting to get her sons back ever since.

Bimbachi says her ex-husband threatened to kill her if she went to Lebanon. Despite the risk, on Saturday she boarded a flight for Lebanon. Her Lebanese lawyer said Bimbachi would have visitation rights. And finally after a long and emotional separation, she has seen her sons.

"We played and hugged for hours," said Bimbachi. 

Bimbachi has been working with Global Affairs Canada to have her sons returned to Canada. She said the government's ability to help is limited. Her hope is to fly back to Canada with her boys. But Bimbachi says that is not guaranteed.

Jolly Bimbachi

Jolly Bimbachi and her sons.