Regina couple orders $140 Super Bowl pizza from Windsor, Ont.

Carol and Lee Brown are having a pizza delivered from Arcata Pizza in Windsor, Ont., to their home in Regina, just in time for the Super Bowl.
One Regina resident tried to surprise her husband by ordering a pizza from all the way here in Windsor , their former home. The total cost $140 dollars. It was too good a story to keep under wraps, so the word's out now. 1:31

A Regina resident has already placed her pizza order for Super Bowl Sunday - and the pie is coming from more than 2,300 km away with a delivery charge of $84.

Former Windsor, Ont., resident Carol Brown is having UPS deliver the pizza from Windsor’s Arcata Pizza.

"The sauce is good, the dough is good, the toppings are fresh, Bob's a good guy," explains Brown, who said she and her husband used to have Arcata pizza twice a week. "Arcata was the best pizza in town for us."

Brown said she finally placed the order because every day she is on her way home from work, she calls her husband Lee to ask what’s for dinner. 

He jokes and says, "Stop and get Arcata," she said. "I'm like, it'll take me a while."

The pizza will be prepared Wednesday in Windsor and then immediately put in a deep freeze. It will ship out Thursday at 5 p.m. and be cooked on Sunday.

No good pizza in Regina

Brown said she had no choice but to order from Arcata. She said she and her husband Lee simply can’t find decent pizza in Regina.

"We talk about it all the time," said Brown. "We don't really eat pizza here. We've tried it here, it's just not the same. If you're from Windsor you know what I mean." 

Brown said there's just something special about Windsor's pizza. 

"They hand toss the dough," she explains. "I think they hand-make their sauces...I think they hand cut things...and there's a lot of pride in that." 

"I live in Saskatchewan where Saskatchewan pride is huge, but for pizza in Windsor, a pizza maker has big pride to make the best pie they can," said Brown. 

The pizza is a king size, including double cheese and pineapple on half. Total cost is $140, including $84 charged by UPS.

The Seattle Seahawks, who feature Canadians Luke Willson, a tight end of LaSalle, Ont., west of Windsor, and punter Jon Ryan of Regina, play the New England Patriots on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. EST in Arizona.


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