It's been a long week for Detroit Red Wings' superfan Nick Horvath, who was ecstatic to learn Wednesday he is not banned for life from watching his favourite team play at Little Caesars Arena.

"I can come back there's no ban, so the kid will be back," said Horvath.

Last week, Horvath expertly wrapped a dead octopus around his belly and tossed the beast onto the ice at the Wing's home opener. He said he was escorted out by security and told he was banned for life. 

But security staff contacted Horwath Wednesday to tell him officially that he has not been banned for life. 

"He was ticketed and then released," said Kyle Kujawa, communications person for the Detroit Red Wings in an email to CBC. "It's the NHL's rule that nothing be thrown onto the playing surface, and anyone caught doing so may be issued a ticket by the Detroit Police Department.

Horvath notified media outlets of the development late Wednesday and took the opportunity to apologize to American veterans for throwing the octopus during the national anthem. 

"Soon as my court is settled with the misdemeanour, Nicky boy will be back without an octopus," said Horvath, adding that he's retired from octopus throwing.