Rail safety is a big concern for Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara.

The transportation of dangerous goods by rail was the subject of a two-hour meeting he had with CP Rail officials on .

McNamara is worried about a potential train accident involving cars carrying hazardous materials.

He wants to make sure local emergency crews are well-trained to handle such situations.

During his talk with the railway, McNamara was told the company has an expert on staff who deals with safety and hazardous materials. He's said to be a former firefighter.

The rail company is offering his expertise in training first responders in Tecumseh.

"For the first responders that are going to respond to any type of incident, we want to make sure that they're safe as they can be under the circumstances," McNamara said. "And we want to make sure they're well trained."

McNamara hopes part of the training will include a mock disaster.

He expects emergency crews in Lakeshore and Windsor will also take part in the training exercise.

"CP has experts across our system who conduct railway training for first responders in Canada and the U.S.," CP Rail spokesperson Ed Greenberg. "CP has been doing this for many years as part of our approach to working with local communities on areas like emergency preparedeness and training."

Greenberg didn't have an update on when a training session may take place in Windsor.

McNamara also requested quarterly reports on what type of dangerous goods are transported by rail through his town.

"CP Rail has certainly a good safety record," McNamara said. "But having said that, there's always the unexpected that can happen."