Public elementary teachers in Windsor will strike on Tuesday

The Greater Essex District School Board warned parents on Friday.

The Greater Essex District School Board warned parents on Friday that elementary school teachers with the public board would likely stage a one-day strike next week.

On Saturday the one day job action was confirmed by Adelina Cecchin, the president of the Greater Essex County teacher's union.

In a release Cecchin said, "It is regrettable that we’ve been forced to take this action, but Bill 115 is a fundamental attack on our right to bargain collectively.  The education minister has seriously interfered with a negotiating process that has worked well for decades."

Occasional teachers, represented by a separate union local, will also not be at work on Tuesday..

Scott Scantlebury is a spokeperson for the public board.  He said school buses will be cancelled but schools will be open Tuesday with prinicpals on duty in case students do show up.  He said they will try to get students home as soon as possible, but will take care of kids if necessary.