Home owners will be asking for some tax relief at city council tonight.

A group of concerned citizens will be asking for a reduction in the penalty rate imposed on unpaid property tax bills.  

Angela Fitzpatrick said it's hard to provide for her family and pay her property taxes.

They need to relieve the burden,  especially on people living in poverty, She said.

"My daughter had to apply for students loans like I did. that's part of it. It's really taking away from the future generation and every parent ... wants to do the most they can for their family. It's really cutting into that," she said.

Fitzpatrick said people are paying 15 per cent per year in late fees, and that's too much.

City Councillor Alan Halberstadt has lobbied for Council to vote in favour of changing the rates in the past.

"The economy has been very bad. People have had a very hard time holding onto their homes as they get older," Halberstadt said. "I think it's very important we take a good hard look at it."

Fitzpatrick said residents will take to the streets to protest high tax penalties before tonight’s council meeting.