Some homeowners in Windsor are scratching their heads over their tax bills.

Several residents opened their bills and questioned an increase, especially when city council has frozen tax hikes for the past five years.

Mayor Eddie Francis and the finance department have heard from angry ratepayers.

He said residents should not blame the increases on him or city council.

If the properties value did not decrease at least the Municipal Property Assessment average of 2.7 per cent, property taxes go up, according to Francis.

"It is not because of the city, it’s because of the assessment," he said.

According to Francis, Windsorites should be directing their complaints to the independent body that administers property assessments in Ontario, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

"You should call the MPAC office, they do have a regional office and you should be proactive in terms of appealing your property assessment if you feel that the property assessment does not reflect the value," said Francis.

Francis stresses the city does not benefit by the increase in assessments. 

"The city levied approximately $318 million in 2012 and we've levied $317 million in 2013 so we're $1 million less than the year prior," Francis said.

The city never hears from people whose property assessments have decreased, he said.