A professional regurgitator says it could be another week or more before an alleged jewel thief passes a 1.7-karat diamond police say he swallowed.

The 52-year-old man has been in Windsor Police custody in a "dry cell" without a toilet since May 10, the day employees at Precision Jewellers in Windsor, Ont., say he ingested it in a botched attempt to steal it.

Stevie Starr is a professional regurgitator.

He’s swallowed — and regurgitated — coins, gold fish and billiard balls. He says he can control the muscles in his stomach and abdomen and select which items — and when — he brings them back up.

He’s appeared on the late night talk show circuit and on Britain’s Got Talent in 2010.

He said if the accused has talents similar to his, he could keep an item, including a small diamond, in his stomach for up to two weeks. Starr said he has kept coins in stomach for 14 days and a billiard ball inside for 24 hours.

"He would have to learn how to control his muscles," Starr said. "It’s all muscle control."

Starr said he’s been swallowing items since he was four years old. He started by swallowing pocket money growing up in a poor part of Scotland.  Some allege Starr is an illusionist. He maintains his show is real.

"I have control of my entire body, every muscle in my body," Starr said.

Starr suggested the fastest way to get the diamond to pass, if it’s inside, would be to feed the suspect.

"If he doesn’t eat, the longer it’s going to stay in there," Starr said.

Windsor Police spokesperson Sgt. Brett Corey said police have changed the diet of the accused.

"Earlier in the week, he was given ‘cleansing’ products which have not been effective," Corey wrote in an email. " He is on solid food now in the hopes of expelling the stone."

Corey said the man has been x-rayed but it the results did not definitively show a diamond.