Windsor should know much more about the city's new pro basketball team within a week.

The team's owner told CBC News on Tuesday plans for a news conference are in the works. He agreed to a lengthy interview but it never happened.

Long-time Windsor basketball trainer Jamie Stewart said he has received a few advanced details.

"I've spoken to the owner of the team. In three to five years the league is going to be 80-90 per cent Canadian. So it's actually going to have a Canadian feel with our kids, our players on the court as opposed to someone from Nebraska you've never heard about," Stewart said.

Windsor will be the eighth team in the National Basketball League of Canada. Its season begins in November.

The general manager of the champion London Lightning said he, too, has been in talks with those behind the Windsor team. According to Taylor Brown, everything is on track.  

"They just don't want to release too much before everything is in line," Brown said. "These guys are working extremely hard and we were in the same boat as they were last year. It is a lot of work but it's definitely doable and they're actually a couple of month's ahead of where we were."