The Essex Region Conservation Authority and City of Windsor are both warning of potential flooding this week.

Warmer temperatures have arrived in Windsor-Essex and are expected to stay for at least four days.

"Below this surface is a rather significant water course," said Tim Byrne of ERCA.

Ditches that normally carry away water are covered in snow. Water coming off fields won't have anywhere to go.

"We're hoping that ... over the next week that we will see these areas compress, compact slowly and then moderate the amount of runoff coming from them," Byrne said.

He said the worst case scenario will be if it rains, too. That's because the ground is still frozen and there will be no where for the water to go.

Byrne said contractors are standing by to remove ice dams from waterways if there is too much water too quickly.

In Windsor, the public works department is asking homeowners to remove snow from catch basins on the street. Crews are also out doing the same.

"The idea is that if it's on the road it's not in your basement, hopefully," said Mark Winterton, acting director of operations. "We are expecting some surface flooding and we're asking people to be patient as much as possible. It will occur, however."