Windsor police are warning drivers and pedestrians to pay closer attention in parking lots as the holiday shopping season ramps up.

"It can be a dangerous place," Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Matt D'asti said of parking lots. "So the duty is on the driver to be careful and we remind pedestrians to be very cognizant of their surroundings."

A Windsor mom said she's lucky to have gotten away with just some stitches and bruises after being run over by a truck at a Devonshire Mall cross-walk.

"It's terrifying to think, in an instant like that, something so drastic can happen," said Victoria Berry.

Berry said she was pushing her infant son in a stroller in a mall parking lot recently.  She entered a cross-walk, thinking the driver of a truck had seen her.

She was wrong.

The vehicle kept coming at her, so she shoved the stroller out of harm's way before being struck and knocked to the ground.

"I think my mother instincts just kicked in. I acted and pushing the stroller out of the way," Berry said.

She ended up under the car. The truck passed over her without its tires hitting any part of her body.

Her six-month-old son, Bruce, was safe. Berry suffered some bruising, scrapes and three stitches.

"You could tell he felt awful. He apologized, said he didn't see me," Berry said of the driver.

Since the parking lot is considered private property, police can't issues charges unless it's a criminal matter.