Police seeking evidence in human remains case

Police are releasing few details in the death of Patricia Beaulieu, found under her Windsor, Ont., porch on Sunday.

Police are releasing few details in the death of Patricia Beaulieu who was found under her Windsor, Ont., porch on Sunday.

The Major Crimes Branch reported that Beaulieu's autopsy was completed on Tuesday. However Windsor Police Staff-Sgt. Norm Burkoski said they are not releasing the results yet, and would like to gather more detailed evidence. Based on the autopsy findings, more testing is being scheduled, he said.

Burkoski has said they suspect foul play but the death has not yet been labeled a homicide.

"Based on the circumstances and the condition she was found we do suspect some foul play. It's to what degree is actually what we're looking at right now," said Burkoski on Tuesday.

Police were executing a search warrant on the home at 1415 Lincoln Rd. on Thursday, and the investigation continues.

William Connelly, who lived with Beaulieu, is being held in custody and is charged with improperly interfering with Beaulieu's remains and breach of probation.

Police said the charge of interfering with human remains doesn't just stem from the body being put under a porch.

"There are other factors that relate to the nature of that charge," said Burkoski.

Police were hoping the post mortem would shed more light on what happened to Beaulieu.

"We're always hopeful that that will be the case," Burkoski said. "Unfortunately it's not always the case, for example if there's no anatomical cause of death, things of that nature, those types of issues would complicate the direction of which we would go."

Police said Beaulieu was from the east coast and were not aware of any relatives living in the Windsor area.

Connelly will appear in court again on Thursday.