An officer involved in a Windsor Police Act hearing retired suddenly Thursday afternoon.

Det. Kent McMillan is one of two officers that are the subject of a hearing into an altercation between former Windsor police detective David Van Buskirk and a legally-blind doctor.

Staff Sgt. Paul Bridgeman and McMillan are facing charges of discreditable conduct stemming from a complaint made by Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan.

McMillan's surprise resignation means he is no longer required to testify and, if the ruling found them guilty, his pension will remain intact.

In a prepared statement, McMillan said he wasn't trying to avoid prosecution, "as is evident by repeated postponements of my retirement."

The 27 year veteran said he believed the past nine months would have been adequate to exonerate himself but the time line became too much for him and his family.

McMillan said the pace of the proceedings, which he said forced him to postpone his retirement three times, was "unacceptable."

"I have always been diligent, dedicated and thorough in all investigations ... I am confident that Sgt. Bridgeman will be ... cleared of any wrong doing," said McMillan, who has served his last 11 years as a detective.

His departure from the Windsor Police Service means Bridgeman is the only officer still facing charges related to the matter. The next set of hearings will be held June 3.