Police believe shooting on Erie Street was drug related

There was a shooting in Windsor overnight. It happened near the corner of Erie Street and Pierre Avenue.

Windsor police say a shooting last night around Erie and Pierre was likely drug related.

Around 8:45 police were alerted that several gun shots had been fired in that area.

When they arrived - a 23 year old male on was lying on the ground in front of an apartment building.

The man was bleeding from his arm and neck.

Police have learned that a fight broke out in the middle of the intersection involving several men.  

Then a man pulled up in a vehicle, got out, and fired up to five shots towards the apartment building.

That's when the victim was hit.

The shooting suspect then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

Police do not believe that this was a random shooting.

They're asking anyone in the community with any information to call them.

The shooting victim needed stitches.

He also had surgery to repair a broken arm.