A young pit bull was picked up by the Humane Society, after being spotted running loose outside a Windsor, Ont., Tim Hortons.

The dog was at the location at Wyandotte Street and Crawford Avenue.

Laurie LaLiberte is an animal control officer who responded to the coffee shop.

"A gentleman was, I guess, trying to bring the animal to us, but the dog got a little bit aggressive in the back of his car," she said. "So he got afraid and let the dog loose.

"Well, it ended up coming to Tim Hortons and a customer from inside came out and was able to attach the dog to the fence."

Kyle Marlein was inside the restaurant when he noticed the animal running loose.

"We just tried to keep him around until the Humane Society got here; so he didn't get hit or anything," Marlein said. "He's a little playful and kind of nibbles and bites."

Marlein's injury was minor.

LaLiberte said people with pit bulls can call the Humane Society to pick them up under "certain circumstances."