A Windsor politician wants a local person appointed to sit on the Cancer Care Ontario board of directors.

Liberal MPP Teresa Piruzza thinks that would help ensure the region has a strong voice at the table when discussing cancer care services.

In a letter to Health Minister Deb Matthews, Piruzza says Cancer Care Ontario's threat to cease funding if Windsor Regional Hospital continues doing the surgeries is unacceptable.

Matthews has said it was never in the plans to cut funding for cancer surgeries in Windsor.

Piruzza says the hospital should be designated a Level 2 centre because it can meet Cancer Care Ontario's requirements.

She wants to work with the minister to discuss appointing a qualified representative from the local community to service on CCO's board of directors:

"We have had representation on the Cancer Care Ontario board in the past," Piruzza said.

Discussions continue to try to find a solution to the dispute.

Piruzza is optimistic one will be reached, eventually.

"If I had a crystal ball, I could tell you exactly when, but I'm not sure. I continue to have discussions with the minister's office and the hospital as well," Piruzza said.

Piruzza said the threats and cuts to funding hurt the people Cancer Care Ontario is supposed to help.

"To say to the hospital, 'if you don't do this, we're going to hold back all that funding,' is a threat, and I think it is over the top and I think that's a tone that should not have been taken," she said.