London, Ont., photographer Dave Sandford is riding a wave — several of them actually — of photographic success.

Sandford spent two or three days a week, sometimes putting in six-hour days, photographing the awesome natural power of Lake Erie during a four-week span in November.

The end result is a breathtaking gallery of the lake's power and might — and an online response Sandford can't believe.

"I have been overwhelmed by the amount of press and orders [for photos]," he said in an email to CBC News. "It's amazing! I have been trying to keep up and just can't."

His post entitled Liquid Mountains: I Captured Lake Erie On The Day It Came Alive And Showed Its True Power, uploaded to on the website, has been viewed more than 245,000 times.

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He's got even more shots on his Instagram account, @sandfordpix and Facebook page.

"Both those are more current than my website, which I am frantically trying to update now that this is all blown up for me," Sandford said.