Windsor city councillor Percy Hatfield is considering throwing his hat in the provincial politics ring for the NDP.

The retired reporter turned politician said, "I could never choose to be a part of political party because of my job ... so I never took going to the next level seriously ... after six years at the municipal level, I think if I'm going to do it, now's the time."

Hatfield said he's still not 100 per cent certain he'll move forward.

"Right now I'm about 95 per cent in favour of doing it," said Hatfield, who says he's been asked to run federally or provincially by every party except the Bloc. "I need to take some time to talk it over with my family, my friends ... I'll know after the weekend."

The Ward 7 Councillor said he has been approached by the Ontario Liberal Party in the past.

"I've just grown disillusioned with the Liberal Party and how they've treated the horse racing situation. The entire industry is gone, thousands of jobs ... the way they took away bargaining rights from teachers," the former CBC reporter said.

Whether he chooses to move forward with his bid to replace Dwight Duncan in his former riding of Windsor-Tecumseh, Hatfield says this by-election is a great opportunity for the people of Ontario.

"It's a chance for people to take a look at what their government is doing for them and say, 'I don't like it and I want a change,'" he said.