The Jiimaan ferry is scheduled for service beginning Wednesday. (CBC News)

Pelee Island farmers were busy loading soybean seeds onto the Jiimaan ferry Tuesday.

They were trying to take advantage of the boat's final few runs to the island before it was to head to dry dock for a five-year inspection.

"If the boats not going to be running until later on in May or June, we might miss the planting season,"  said Henry Klassen of Agris Seeds. "So, we're getting all the seed over the soy bean seed."

Last year, both the Jiimaan and the Pelee islander were out of service until early June, so farmers were scrambling to use fishing tugs to get their seed over to the island.

This year the Ministry of Transportation arranged a special sailing for both vessels to get heavy equipment and farm supplies over to the island..

Wednesday, the regular ferry season is to resume for the Pelee Islander but the Jiimaan will be out of service for a few weeks for its five year inspection.

The people on the island who depend on it are hoping it will be ready in time for tourist season.

"Well, we're hoping that the Jiimaan gets back as soon as possible after the five-year inspection and hope to have it back to full service ah hoping by early May," said Wolfgang Moritz of Pelee Island Winery.

The MTO and the municipalities affected by the ferry service have also been working out plans to improve the service to the customers.

"How do we better notify the people utilizing the vessel if the sailing schedule has changed because of inclement weather?" Leamington CAO Bill Marck said. "So there is a lot more communication as to how we're going to relate to the customers because its very important to Leamington's tourism industry."

Last October the Jiimaan got stuck on a sandbar while trying to dock in Kingsville. The ferry isn't scheduled to sail to Kingsville this year until August.

The mayor wants the province and the port authority to get dredging done later this spring.

"It's something that needs to be done; something they've committed to do. And the partners have worked together in the past to make it happen," Nelson Santos said.

The Jiimaan is scheduled to return to service April 26 from Leamington.