Electa Hall, a co-ed student residence where there have been three reports of a peeping Tom since the end of November. ((CBC))

The University of Windsor is increasing security at one of its residences after three separate reports of a peeping Tom in the women's washroom in a three-month period.

All three incidents occurred at Electa Hall, a co-ed dormitory. The first was reported to campus police in late November after a female student spotted a man in the women's washroom on the first floor of the residence.

The most recent incident was reported last Friday, prompting campus police to post an officer in the building 24 hours a day.

"I definitely appreciate the campus police presence, and I hope nothing else will happen for the rest of the semester," said first-year student Miranda Rohoman.

In spite of the increased security, some students are still frustrated with the university, which only recently notified students that there may be a peeping Tom with access to Electa Hall.


The university will require students to have an extra set of keys to enter their floors in the residence. ((CBC))

"There was no notification," said Vanessa Ibe, a first-year student. "There was no information shared. There was nothing to advise residents of the building to be concerned, to be on the lookout."

Rohomon agreed that officials should have alerted students earlier.

"Maybe from December, we could have had more safety precautions to dissuade the third event [from] happening," she said.

In each case, the women provided campus police with different descriptions of the men, so security officials are still trying to determine whether there is more than one person involved.

While campus police are investigating the incidents, university officials said they are looking into why it took so long to alert students to the problem.

"We need to find a balance between security and not making the students feel confined. We can't have a lockdown there," said Kathleen McCrone, the acting provost and vice-president of academics.

But the university has approved a decision that will require students in the building to carry an extra set of keys to unlock the door leading to their floor, and officials are considering switching to an electronic key-card system.

Alan Wildeman, president of the university, issued a statement to students Monday saying that campus police are taking "all actions necessary" to identify the offenders.

Some of the residents at Electa Hall are scheduled to meet with Wildeman Thursday to discuss their concerns about security on campus.