Paycut prompts walkout in Windsor

An auto parts supplier in Windsor is down to just half its employees after the other half walked off the job Monday.
Employees at an east Windsor auto parts supplier are protesting Tuesday after they refused to accept a paycut at Klinec Electric Service & Manufacturing Ltd. (CBC)

A wage war is brewing at an auto parts supplier in east Windsor Tuesday as workers begin protests.

About 10 workers are outside demanding their wages be restored because the owner wants all 45 employees to accept a 35 per cent wage cut at Klinec Electric Service & Manufacturing Ltd.

Employees are joined by about 30 CAW Local 444 and Local 200 officials.

The workers are not unionized. They were told to sign a letter of agreement, which most refused to sign, or face immediate termination.

Workers say it was a take it or leave it situation and negotiations were non-existent. 

Windsor Police arrived Tuesday morning telling protestors they cannot block the plant's entrance.

Paul Klinec, the owner of Klinec Manufacturing, came outside to speak with police. Protestors shouted insults as he went back inside and locked the gate.

Klinec said he's not willing to negotiate the wages, but will discuss working conditions with someone representing the workers.

The employees have complained of 16-hour shifts without breaks and inadequate health and safety protection.

The walkout began Monday when 25 workers refused to accept the owner's lower pay grade.

Klinec makes automotive coating and parts at its factory on St. Luke Road.