People who run businesses and live near the new, large roundabout at the Howard Avenue diversion and Highway 3 say it's causing problems for truckers and for tourists.

Ever since the roundabout became the only link to Highway 401 last month, a lot of wayward tourists have been stopping by Maria Pap's nursery on the highway.

They're not coming to buy flowers. They're coming to look for directions.

"We find this year, the number of lost people has dramatically increased," Pap said. "Almost every day, but certainly every weekend, we have a half a dozen people in both directions trying to find their way back on the 401, trying to Niagara Falls or wherever."

That's because, she says, the tourists take the wrong exit off the roundabout and end up headed east on Highway 3 rather than Highway 401.

Dan Kabernick lives on Highway 3. He says trucks are making U-turns on the highway and that he's always giving directions to tourists.

"They're totally lost [and] they run out of gas down here," he said. "They turn around and ask for money for gas and they don't know where the gas stations are."

Spokespeople for the Ministry of Transportation and Herb Gray Parkway weren't available.

But a communications person told CBC News there haven't been any complaints filed and that there are signs pointing to Highway 401 and warning of the roundabout.

The roundabout will be the only link between the Huron Church and Highway 401 for at least a year, while the parkway is completed.