Coun. Hilary Payne wants answers from the province about the substandard girders used to build the Herb Gray Parkway.

"I think it's certainly timely that this council should be informed as to what the province is going to do about this very serious issue, where, I think, 300 defective girders have been installed, and there's 200 more that may be installed," Payne said.

Last month, an expert panel of engineers recommended those support beams be kept where they are, and that they be monitored for any problems.

Mayor Eddie Francis said he will send a letter to either to the premier or transportation minister, asking for an update on the concerns being raised.

"We also have the closure of North Talbot Road, which is connected to the same issue. It also begs the question, even though the traffic is protected on North Talbot Road, what about the traffic on the 401 beneath it?" Payne asked. "There is a whole lot of unanswered questions."

Girders not built to code were in stalled on the North Talbot Road overpass.