A Windsor company says it's still waiting to be paid by the manufacturer of substandard girders for the $1.4-billion Herb Gray Parkway.

Hotham Building Materials supplied concrete and waterproofing products to Freyssinet, which made hundreds of girders officials refused to use in the project.

Charlie Hotham says his company is still waiting to be paid more than $150,000.

"The money that is owed to us is product we've sold, we've paid for, we've delivered as they've requested, and they've used it. A corporation with hundreds of millions of dollars certainly isn't right to keep a local firm from supporting local employment," Hotham said. "Until Freyssinet wants to come to the table and recognize they have a responsibility to local business, it's going to be very hard for us to be paid."

Hotham said he's been flexible in an attempt to be paid.

"I've asked for partial payment. I've asked for payment to be made on a monthly process. I've asked for anything that can begin the process of getting paid. To this day, ive received nothing," he said.

Hotham said his company is considering suing Freyssinet.

Freyssinet, a French company, built hundreds of girders that did not meet code. Parkway officials also had a problem with the quality control surrounding the manufacturing of the girders.

The girders are going to be removed from the project at no cost to the province, according to the Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray.

Freyssinet did not return CBC's calls for comment.

"The unpaid bills are threatening the survival of these small, local suppliers," NDP Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield said in question period Thursday. " Many are facing possible layoffs unless the debts owed by Freyssinet are settled.

"The little guys have been hung out to dry."

Murray told Hatfield he's "optimistic" everyone will be paid.

"There is a requirement now in the revised agreement that all companies must be current in their payments," he said. "I suggested to you privately about the approaches we could take. I'm quite optimistic we could do this."