If city council approves the city's 2013 budget it's going to cost more to park and play in Windsor.

Monthly rates at parking garages could rise $10. Currently, depending on the garage, monthly permits range from $40 to $75 dollars, plus tax.

City staff said prices have not gone up in more than a decade. Staff also said the increase is needed to pay for operations and invest in the reserve fund.

Jamie Brush is on the look out for a parking spot 

"In comparison to other municipalities in Ontario and across Canada, we have much lower rates, [lower] monthly rates, than many of the other municipalities and we provide significantly more parking spaces than other municipalities," claimed John Wolf, manager of traffic operations.

Jamie Brush works and parks downtown. He has a monthly pass.

"What are you going to do. It's all part of doing business," he said of the potential rate increase. "You just [have]  to pay for it, that's all."

The proposed budget also contains potential changes to the fees associated with the culture and recreation department. Just about every fee, including the rental of sports fields, is going up. Access to the community centres may go up by a few dollars — $2 for a wedding, for example — sports teams will also pay more, in some cases.  

"Instead of one rate for the entire season, it's one rate for every 10 sessions," explained Jan Wilson, executive director for recreation and culture. "So, for some people, they'll find it will cost them less because they had a shorter season and other sports groups are going to find it's going to cost them a little more because they have a much longer season."

City Council members are scheduled to meet next week to look over the details and have their say.