Time is ticking for last-minute Christmas shoppers as they rush to shops across the city, but parking problems and a slow shopping season for some retailers is making the holidays a little more difficult.

It's supposed to be the season of giving, but for some it has turned into parking lot wars, especially at Devonshire Mall.

This year a massive chunk of the lot at Devonshire Mall is blocked off to shoppers because of construction for the new Target Brands, Inc. store, which has escalated the competition to snag a spot.

While things are busy at Devonshire Mall, some shops at Windsor Crossing are experiencing a lull in sales.

"Because of the construction older people are a little hesitant about detours and we can understand that," said Florence Chauvin, who works at Jones New York.

Windsor Crossing general manager Colleen Gosnell said parkway construction is definitely part of the problem, but other factors, such as the economy and weather, play a role too.

"Yes we've been spending a lot more on advertising," said Gosnell. "Trying to get people to realize that we're still here, that we're open for business, we hope that they come for Christmas."

But construction can also be a blessing for places like Mondo's Cafe. Owner Shade Stone said his business is benefiting because construction workers find comfort in his cafe.

"It's been great actually, in our case," said Stone.

While many here will be happy to see construction wrap up, they are bracing themselves for some of the same issues next Christmas.