The 2013 International Children's Games began with a pair of Pakistani teams missing.

A baseball team and tennis team from Kasur missed their opening games Thursday.

Games spokesperson Jason Moore said the no-shows "surprised everyone."

Last month, games' officials said as many as 14 teams from as many as six countries could be affected by the job action taken by Canada's foreign service officers, who process visa applications.

Moore said "just one of the teams" from Pakistan was having issues.

"But everyone expected Pakistan to make it," Moore said.

Walt Metulynsky, a project manager with the International Children's Games, said the Kasur delegation did experience delays in getting their visas but ultimately got them.

He said the delegation was expected to arrive Friday, after the opening ceremonies, CBC News has learned.

Moore originally said the baseball games and tennis matches involving the missing teams would likely be forfeits. However, Metulynsky said once officials have confirmed the teams have arrived, they will attempt to reschedule the games that were missed Thursday.

"We plan to make up those games when and if they arrive," Metulynsky said. "If not, we'll rework the schedules to make sure we have a minimum of four games for each team to play."