There are higher hopes Ottawa may help pay for a new recreation complex in Lakeshore.

The town was close to going ahead with a scaled-down version of the project after it didn't initially receive federal funding.

Now, Conservative Essex MP Jeff Watson has asked Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain for specific information he can present to federal officials.

"What we have been asked to do is put all the information together for phase two and forward that down to the federal government for them to have a look at that costing," Bain explained. "Really, I think what they're planning on doing is rolling phases one and two together. So certainly, it's encouraging to hear that."

The province has already committed $17 million to the project.

If Ottawa also contributes money, Lakeshore can build a $50-million facility.

Without federal money, Lakeshore would scale back the plans.

"I just feel that if they weren't going to do something in the area, that they would've dropped it by now," Bain said.