Provincial police in Essex County are warning drivers to be on the look out for deer after 19 collisions involving the animals since the beginning of the month.

The OPP say no injuries were reported in any of the crashes, but supplied the following tips to keep drivers safe.

  • Sunset to midnight and the hours before and after sunrise are high-risk times for deer-vehicle collisions
  • Drive with caution when travelling through areas with a high deer population
  • If you see one deer others are likely nearby
  • Driving slowly through deer populated areas will give drivers more time to react if one runs in front of your vehicle
  • Use high beams when driving at night to better illuminate deer near the road
  • Brake firmly when a deer moves in front of your vehicle, but don't "veer for deer"
  • Slow down, stay in control and be alert

Police also remind drivers any collision with a deer or other animal that causes an injury to someone in the vehicle or more than $2,000 in damage must be reported to police.