The Ontario Racing Commission has sent an OPP officer to Lakeshore to meet with executive members of the group trying to bring harness horse racing back to the region.

It could signal the sport's return is close.

County Warden Tom Bain is a member of the Lakeshore Horse Raceway Association. He's also an avid horse owner, trainer and driver.

Bain and two other members of the executive of the association are meeting with an OPP officer.

"Part of the process is to make sure our company is on the up and up," Bain said.

Bain says they've had to compile background information for the officer.

Other than information about their personal lives, Bain says detailed information is also being supplied about the association.

"This company is a not-for-profit," Bain said.

Bain expects there will be a meeting with the Ontario Racing Commission sometime in the next few weeks.

He's hoping that the commission will approve the association's plan for 10 racing dates at the Leamington fair grounds by mid-July.

The end goal is a new track in Lakeshore.

Windsor Raceway closed last year.