OPP issue ticket to driver operating 'moving snowbank with wheels'

There was simply too much snow on a driver's vehicle for it to escape police attention in Brussels, Ont. And the elderly driver told police he was 'too weak' to clear it any further.

Elderly driver claimed to be 'too weak' to clear off his windshield, police say

The OPP say this driver of this snow-covered vehicle was given a ticket in Brussels, Ont., this week. (@OPP_WR/Twitter)

An elderly driver in Brussels, Ont., told police he was "too weak" to clean the snow off his windshield, when he tried to explain why he was driving with so much snow on his vehicle.

The OPP tweeted a photo on Tuesday, showing a vehicle with a thick blanket of snow on its exterior, with only a small portion of the front window cleared for the driver to see through.

"Can't make this stuff up," the OPP tweeted on Tuesday, along with the photo.

The image was retweeted hundreds of times and generated dozens of comments from people who saw it.

Some of the comments were harsher than others, but the general consensus was that there was an astonishing amount of snow on it.

One Twitter user described it as "a moving snowbank with wheels."

Police provided few details in the tweet about the circumstances of the case.

But OPP Const. Jamie Stanley told CBC News that the driver was an 80-year-old man who lived in the town, which lies about 100 kilometres north of London, where he was issued the ticket.

"His excuse was he was too weak to wipe all the snow off the windshield," Stanley said in an email.

Asked if he had seen any similar cases in the past, Stanley said "this was the worst case that most of us have seen."