To say the Olympic spirit has come to Jen Mulhall's Grade 5 class at William G. Davis Public School would be an understatement.

Shane Plummer, a Grade 5 student, was one of the lucky torch bearers.

"It was really cool," he said. "It just felt like I was actually doing it, like I was in the torch run with all the other guys doing it."

That's exactly what his teacher had in mind when she was thinking of how to incorporate the Olympics into her lesson planning.

"When we started, they thought dog sledding was an Olympic sport," said Mulhall.

That's because these students were in Grade 1 during the Vancouver Games.

So with their teacher's guidance, the students have been researching terms like "torch run" and "flag bearer."

"We talked about it being in ancient Greece and they had no idea what that was," said Mulhall. "They're inquiring about all these things and it's just leading to more learning."

That's why Mulhall's class has tacked up a board on the wall, tracking Team Canada and 12 other countries around the world and their medal counts.

"I like it because it's crazy," said Shaheer Ali. "You have to go on a sled head first and you have to go down on a huge hill really fast. I like to try it at home and I grab my sled and do it."